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Display events in a graphical User Intuitive way. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Must provide a link back to Web2Cal on all pages the calendar is used. Yes No No No
Create Forms, Previews in Plain HTML. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to move / resize an event. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of domains and sub-domains. Only NON-Commercial Websites help-icon Single Domain and all Sub-Domains Single Domain and all Sub-Domains Single Domain and all Sub-Domains
Support recurring event, multiple options. View Demo. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resource View (demo) Not Available Yes Yes Yes
Group / Resource going down on Y-Axis and Time on X-Axis on top (demo) Not Available Not Available Yes Yes
Support for Themes, Rounded Corners. No Yes Yes Yes
Such as Moving Events from Main View to Mini Calendar. Public Functions. Additional Callbacks. Support for Day Light Savings. Yes Yes Yes Yes
Add extensions to support new features. Ex: Tasks, Print, Highlight, Auto Refresh, Drag-Drop and more. View extension page for compatibility No No



Edit Web2Cal Template. Ex: Change structure of web2cal and customize the template NotAvailable Not Available Yes Yes
Responsive single implementation to support Mobile, Tablet and Desktop NotAvailable Not Available Not Available Yes
Platform supports new frameworks such as BackboneJS, AngularJS and advanced extensions NotAvailable Not Available Not Available Yes
Duration of free support. All requests must come from one source Forum 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
Access additional reporting capabilities to drive improvement. NA 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year
If you have questions see License FAQ
Free 499$ 799$ 1099$
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ShareIT, our payment processing partner, can not accept online orders placed with credit and/or debit cards with e-mail addresses from free e-mail. Providers such as, gmail, eathlink or are not accepted even though some Hotmail and Yahoo are fee-based accounts as ShareIT cannot distinguish between free and fee-based accounts
Note that if you phone in your order, ShareIT will accept an email address from hotmail, gmail etc.
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: +1.952.646.5747
Toll Free: 1-800-903-4152
ShareIT Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia
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In Addition:
  • Premium version ships with different themes. With a completely different HTML Structure, it makes it easy to create custom themes.
  • Provides additional callback methods, so you can control the behavior of the calendar
  • Provides helpful debug functions to dump Data [events], allowing you to analyze and debug the application.
  • Provides additional templates to customize, Provides explicit support for editing events (similar to new event form)
  • Ships with more examples to guide you through your integration.
  • With a completely new Rendering Engine, Premium Version is 60% Faster than basic free version
  • Click Here to see some of these differences as images


License Questions

View our License FAQ for answers

Customization / Custom Software Development

If the calendar does not suit your need in some manner, we are here to custom develop the calendar to suit your needs for a very nominal rate.
email us for details.

Academic and Non Profit Organizations

Please email us for details.

What is your refund policy?

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